Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur 750ml

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Mandarine Napoleon is the first orange liqueur to be composed of mandarins and cognac. An exquisite, well-balanced blend of mandarins, rare spices and a refined 10-year-old aged cognac to perfect your palate! Mandarine Napoléon is a premium orange liqueur blended with mandarins, cognac and a secret combination of… That’s why this liqueur has so much complexity; with every sip you taste the richness of nature. Mandarine Napoléon is distilled at ‘Distillerie de Biercée’ the only fruit distillery in Belgium. While not being an amaro, it fits alongside Amaros with its gently herbal citrus notes that will open your palate. Try it neat, on the rocks, shaken in a Margarita or stirred as a Martinez.

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