Izumo Fuji Junmai Sake 720ml

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Founded in 1939, the Fuji brewery is managed by the 3rd generation Imaoka family in the town of Izumo. The town is famous for its shrine, Izumo Taisha, built in the 8th century. This shrine is regarded as the oldest and most important shrine in all of Japan. Every October, “The Month of the Gods”, people travel from around the country to take part in the sacred ritual of praying at the shrine. In its name, Izumo Fuji sake pays tribute to both this shrine and to Mt. Fuji, the most loved and revered symbol of Japan. The Imaoka family brews using old school and traditional methods without modern machines. They do everything by hand: steaming using an old-fashioned Japanese steamer, koji making, and pressing by fune press, or wooden vat, a very gentle method.


Violet aroma, plum on palate; soft, relaxed, and expansive in texture. An “umami type” of sake with ricey sweetness.

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