Fuji Japanese Blended Whisky 750ml

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AROMAS: Vanilla beans, crème brûlée, galette, dried fig, apricot, and a hint of anise.

FLAVORS: Mellow and smooth mouthfeel with malty, creamy flavors, and then rye spiciness.

FINISH: Moderately woody, very slight peat makes it crisp and then a delicate sweetness follows. Complex and moderately long aftertaste with hints of dried fruits.

Our history goes back to 1973, when Mt. Fuji Distillery was established by Kirin-Seagram Co., Ltd., the joint venture among Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., Joseph E Seagram and Sons, Inc., and Chivas Brothers. From the start of its operations in 1973, not only the production equipment and technology of Scotch malt whisky were adopted, but those of American (Bourbon), Canadian, and Scotch grain whiskeys were also at Mt. Fuji Distillery. By integrating these with Kirin's brewing technology and expertise in meticulous crafting, we have refined our unique whisky-making style. The challenge was to create whiskies that are neither Scotch nor Bourbon, but rather whisk(e)y that fits the culture and tastes of people living in Japan and enthusiasts around the world who savor that style.

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