Domaine Font de Courtedune Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2019 750ml

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This 98% Grenache cuvée displays charming and complex aromas of garrigue, ripe cherries and raspberries. It’s lush and creamy in texture despite being vinified and aged in concrete; the tannins are soft, giving it a lush, creamy mouthfeel and a delicate finish that still retains a sense of power finishing with ample meaty notes. It’s a fleshy, full-bodied wine with a juicy fruit profile but darker earth tones and dense, chalky tannins anchor the finish.

About the producer

Situated in Courthezon, a small village in the Southern Rhône Valley part of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, Domaine Font de Courtedune is about tradition, family and passion. These words reflect the values Caroline shares through her work and her wines. She will proudly tell you that she represents the third generation of winegrowers and if you ask her why she decided to pursue the family heritage in 2010, she will easily respond to you “Because I’ve fallen in love with it when I was little”! A natural move for this woman who handles everything from the vineyards, to the cellar, and the bottling. She runs the cellar like a queen! A space that is as efficient and natural as her wines. Her particularity is that she does not own a destemmer and when we ask her why, she responded naturally “because there was none when I started!”. Then you know right away, there is no more question to ask or reason to doubt her choice. Plus, she adds that having the full grapes in the tank during vinification brings special aromas, freshness and finesse to the wines she makes. For the winemaking, Caroline uses square concrete tanks, which were in the cellar before she arrived. She inherited it from her father who bought it in 1997 surely due to its practical aspect, indeed “it fills well in the wine cellar”.

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