Bhakta 50 year Barrel #11 Bohemond Brandy

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Vintages blended into Barrel 11:

1868 / 1898 / 1934 / 1941 /1952 / 1956 / 1962 /1970

BOHEMOND is as heroic as it is delicate. The bright, fiery orange color says it all: this crusader king imparts insatiable passion and victorious perseverance. From Prince of Taranto in Southern Italy to Prince of Antioch in modern-day Turkey, Bohemond brought stirring leadership to his various conquests. Pope Urban II admired his strength, and we’re sure you’ll admire this barrel’s.

Complex notes of gingerbread, overripe fruits, vanilla, apple crumble, and patisseries. Powerful, peaty attack: juicy, fruity, and not at all bitter. Heavenly, persistent finish of peat, gingerbread, and fruit compote.

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