Fournier Sancerre Grande Cuvee 2020 750ml

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Fournier’s 2020 Grande Cuvée Sancerre hails from the village of Verdigny in the heart of Sancerre where Domaine Fournier is located. This Grande Cuvée, also known as La Chaudouillonné, comes from selected vineyards grown on the village’s famous Caillottes terroir, which is unique to Verdigny. This special terroir imparts a beautiful golden hue, intense aromatics, and a ripe, full mouthfeel of candied citrus and explosive minerality to the 2020 Fournier Grande Cuvée Sancerre. In the mouth, complex fruit tones meld with the wine’s distinct minerality and unique round texture before finishing with a flourish of bracing acidity. Lovers of full throttle Sancerre will delight in the 2020 Fournier Grande Cuvée now as it reaches toward maturity, while others may prefer to cellar this rare Sancerre for another year or more as Fournier’s flagship Sancerre has the propensity to age gracefully, far longer than other Sancerres.

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