Fonseca 40yr Tawney Porto 750ml

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Wine Advocate 94 points - The NV 40 Year Old Tawny was bottled in 2009. It comes in at 129 grams per liter of residual sugar and has a bar top cork. Why have I spent so much time over the last couple of years writing and blogging about old Tawnies, from 1863 to relatively young pups? This is what I’m talking about. Sweet, seductive and just a bit decadent on opening, this nonetheless has as its main bragging point the serious aromatics and flavors that go with old Tawnies--a trace of treacle mingling with molasses, bitter chocolate and so on. It is the type of wine you can smell from several feet away. If it is not quite as concentrated in mid-palate depth as some, its aromatics and flavors are wonderfully complex even while this manages to be surprisingly fresh. It has fine tension on the finish and the flavors linger endlessly. In mid-palate weight, it doesn’t seem completely removed from Fonseca’s 20 Year Tawny reviewed this issue, but in everything else, it is a clear step (or two) up. Yep, it’s pretty pricey. But it is a 40 Year Tawny that the winery has kept for you for decades. You are getting something for your money. Remember not to drink them too warm. Around 60 degrees Fahrenheit will usually work a lot better than 72 degrees Fahrenheit or room temperature..December/2015

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