Castelluccio Le More Sangiovese di Romagna DOC 750ml

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Color: Intense ruby red, with light purple tones when young.Nose: Clean and clearly defined bouquet, with a little scent of raspberry and other concentrated berries.

Palate: Pleasant, lively and well balanced; a long-lasting and fruity taste well matched with the bouquet evoking forest berries Castelluccio is on the hills of Modigliana, between Faenza and Forlì, at an altitude from m. 250 to m. 500 (ft. 750 to ft. 1500). We are in Romagna, in a territory that used to belong to Toscany until the thirties, approximately km 100 (mi. 65) from Florence and km 50 (mi. 30) from Bologna. The total extention of Castelluccio is about fifty hectars (150 acres), with 12 hectars (36 acres) of vineyards and 2 hectars (6 acres) with olive trees. In 1975 in these badlands, made of a compact layer of marl and limestone, were located microareas called "ronchi”, particularly suitable to the production of very high quality grapes. Two grape varieties are grown in Castelluccio: Sangiovese and Sauvignon Blanc.

This wine represents one of the best expressions of the Sangiovese di Romagna's main characteristics: fruitiness, freshness, and pure drinking pleasure blended with an unusual consistency. A small part of the winemaking is completed with carbonic maceration, while the remainder is subject to traditional fermentation in stainless steel containers, where the malolactic fermentation and all the other conservation and elaboration processes take place, until bottling. Several months of refinement are spent in the bottle to guarantee the best result to the customer.

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