Band of Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2018 750ml

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A warm and inviting nose, reminiscent of a summer day in Napa, conjures up notes of grilled meats and Herbs de Provence. This vintage rolls over your palate with succulent flavors of black currant, boysenberry and dark cherry. These rich flavors maintain throughout the whole arc of the wine, transporting the drinker back to the vineyard full of vines laden with ripe Cabernet. A delicate touch of French oak lends a hint of spice and texture to the palate. The wine continues to stretch out and its supple tannins perfectly frame an elegant finish.

ABOUT THE BAND: Born from a monthly tasting group of seven Napa Valley tastemakers— Barrett Anderson, Brennan Anderson, Jason Heller, Cameron Hobel, Dan Petroski, Mark Porembski, and Stephane Vivier—each highly regarded among their peers for their contributions to the wine profession as winemakers, sommeliers and national salesmen. Together, they pooled their resources, talents and relationships to access some of Napa Valley’s best, sustainably-farmed fruit and all the winemaking necessities to get their wine into bottle.


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